Sonia Hunt turns 2!

What, you think there should be another number after that two?? :) I’m wishing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the 2-year launch of my personal Healthy Living website at  If you haven’t checked it out, please do.  This venture has brought me eons interactions with friends old and new,  positive impact on life changes and overall great juju.

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Cheers from me to you!

I’ve lead a very successful career in Digital Media Technology on the product side.  But like many of you, my personal passion has always been food. This venture is my philanthropic cause –  meaning I put tons of my time, energy and money into creating this information to help others and make a difference. That’s the short and long end of the stick.

In 2008 it was another ‘off to the ER’ incident that made me decide to start creating content.  The goal of is to help people with dietary restrictions (like food allergies) to ‘Stay Safe, Live Healthy & Eat Well’.  All of the content that I create (video, articles, speaking engagements, cooking demonstrations, events etc) is tailored to ‘experiment in order to experience’ life.  Dietary restrictions should not restrict you. You have to educate yourself, help others to understand, experiment in the kitchen so you can be safe and eat yummy foods, but mainly have a great attitude about it all.

At any age people struggle with being able to speak up about their dietary restrictions in the first place.  I’m here to help!  The community built around this venture is organic, growing and tremendously fulfilling, as I get to share my personal experiences and knowledge with the world.  Major thanks to all of the press and opportunities I’ve had throughout the past two years and still so many more to come. This is about more than the food we put into our bodies, its about keeping our bodies, minds and spirits healthy and well for a wonderful existence on this Earth.

So Thank You Thank You Thank You – for reading, sharing, connecting  interacting with me so we can work together to make positive change. I post a ton of material on Facebook, so please hit the SUBSCRIBE button and join me there too! Twitter @soniahunt.






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