Sugar Shock & the Razor Bladed Candy Apple

I love Halloween.  Growing up, I dressed up and went trick-or-treating with my peeps every year.  Back in the day when we got home my mom had the arduous task of ‘separating out’ our candy bags so each of us got an ‘equal’ share and then she proceeded to open each piece and use her hands to smash the living daylights out of it, making sure there were no razor blades in the middle.  WTF??  Who wants to eat finger smashed up chocolates? I think it was her way of getting us to eat less sugar and it worked! Brilliant Mom :) Copyright

There is a craziness that comes with Halloween – from crap in your candy to random acts of violence and mischief. Given my peanut and tree-nut allergies, I always got the short end of the stick.  Therefore I don’t really eat candy and I actually don’t have a sweet tooth. SHOCKED aren’t you? Well it is one way that I stay in a size zero even at this age.  But the thought of gorging on small bite sized sugary crap doesn’t really appeal to me when I work so hard to stay in shape and be healthy. I’ve seen the posts of people making their versions of gluten-free and nut-free candy at home.  I applaud it, but have to say it’s just not the same as getting that 1×1 Milky Way candy from the house on the corner. To me there’s two parts to Halloween: 1) the dressing up and trick-or-treating part.  Love this and all the fun it brings.  Then part 2) the sitting at home like a blob and going into sugar shock while you compete with yourself to eat hundreds of pieces of bite size candies and watching endless hours of Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween.  Not appealing to me and overall, not good for your health or juju.

So as I always say – everything in moderation tonite.  If you have dietary restrictions, check your candy labels..hell you can even smash open a few pieces to make sure a finger didn’t make it in there.  If it doesn’t have any ingredient info on it – DON’T EAT IT. It’s that simple.  If you want to wake up svelte and sexy – don’t eat all the freaking candy in your bag.  A few pieces should suffice your sugar craving. Donate the rest. #HalloweenAdvice.

I’ll be dusting San Francisco with magical spells and hocus pocus tonite, so give a shout out on Twitter (@soniahunt) if you want some action.


  1. Love your sense of humor! I will think of you next time I time smash my candy!

  2. You are a giant asshole.

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