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The recent issue of Wine Spectator features a wonderful stories of the La Rioja area of Spain which is an amazingly enchanting place and an absolute must-visit.  One story in particular is about my friend, renowned winemaker Telmo Rodriguez.  It’s a great read, so check it out.  I love Spanish foods mainly because of the simplicity in ingredients which make it great for my food allergies.  Thank Goodness i’m not allergic to vino because Telmo’s are truly are rock-star.

Telmo Rodriguez_Sonia Hunt. Copyright 2012-3 Noie Media, LLC

I’ve had the pleasure of spending time 1:1 with this charismatic, supersmart and a genuinely nice man. And yes, you should be jealous.  Over lunch at our mutual friend’s restaurant he poured his wines for me, talking in detail about his life, his family and how each wine came about.  Afterwards he took me on a private tour of his winery where all the magic happens.  It’s a gorgeous property, peacefully built by nature yet technology oozes throughout it.

Telmo Rodriguez. Copyright 2012-3 Noie Media, LLC

He and his business partner Pablo Eguzkiza are like Frick and Frack, and make some of the best vino I’ve ever tasted in my life.  My faves are El Transistor Verdejo 2009, Mountain Blanco 2012 (a Muscat that literally will go with anything), Pegasso Granito 2008 (super luscious) and Altos Lanzaga 2005 (Robert Parker 94 points). They are sold in the US, so get online and check them out. He recently snuck into San Francisco during this crazy harvest time to continue to get the message out about his wines and the Spanish wine movement.

Telmo Rodriguez_Pablo Eguzkiza. Copyright 2012-3 Noie Media, LLC

Telmo Rodriguez and Pablo Eguzkiza

His passion, his vision and his story make him someone I can talk to for hours about life, wine and especially food. He’s not a guy that follows trends, he does his own thing and makes it a trend. He’s no bullshit and is all about family.  He comes from ‘old school’ but yet is ‘new age’ when it comes to technology for his business. He’s all about preserving the past and making it better for the future.  Just the kind of people I love to meet and share some vino with.

For more of Telmo’s history and story, check out Wine Spectator’s article. 



  1. Pablo Rodriguez| February 8, 2016 10:06 pm | Reply

    That is a great story and this Telmo Rodriguez seems to be a really nice person! Its a shame im underage and i can’t buy his wines but i have already tried all of them so…

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