Sonia Hunt Spicy Cabbage & Peas

Spicy Cabbage and Peas

I changed my diet around in 2015 to eat mostly vegetarian or as much as I can.  I find myself craving vegetables, which is something that NEVER happened in childhood :) Better late than never. During the week i’m so busy with work, meetings and travel that anything I can pull together quickly definitely helps. Now […]

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Grilled Asparagus

Yes Yes Yes! Eat your veggies :)  This is my fave kind of asparagus in the world – skinny stalks.   Instructions: To clean asparagus just rinse the spears under cool water to remove any grit.  Snap off the bottom about an inch or so using your hands. The stems will naturally break where the tough woody part […]

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Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

I started my mom on Quinoa after learning she is gluten intolerant.  I’ll be honest, when I first tried it I can say it tasted like crap. flavor at all. I’ve been messing around in the kitchen to figure out what would actually make this grain have some taste so that she would actually […]

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