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Transformation Through Coaching

Leadership is drastically changing in the aftermath of the pandemic and requires a new set of skills to your business thrive.

Today, you’re managing world events, changing markets, breaking business models, remote and hybrid work, and the needs and well-being of your teams as the compartments’ professional and personal lives are now blurred.

To scale your people, products, and profits in this era, I work with CEOs and the C-Suite, providing Executive Coaching services that are rooted in being your best, leading your best, and making the conscious decisions you need for a  thriving business and team.

The skills and strategies that got you and your business to where you are today, aren’t necessarily going to help you get to your optimal outcomes in the next 3-5 years. Therefore, upskilling yourself as a Leader is a requirement.

Uniquely qualified as both an Executive Coach and Health Coach, I work with leaders to set intentions on the what, build capacity for the how, and gain clarity on the why. I believe people achieve their highest potential when they are healthy, and when their “what,” “how,” and “why” are all present.

I’ll point you in directions that lead to new perspectives, encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone, uncover your core motivations, and leverage your natural strengths to become an effective, calm, and personally fulfilled leader.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

My Areas of Expertise

My unique style of Coaching helps leaders get to the root cause of what’s holding them back from thriving both professionally and personally.

  • Business Strategy
  • Health and Well-being
  • Personal Development
  • Core skills development
  • Leading teams healthily
  • Leadership Development
  • Resilience, Stress + Overwhelm
  • Relationships + Team Dynamics

Some ways I’ve helped my Coaching clients are:

  • A CEO who changed their business to remote-work first, and needed guidance on internal communications, team dynamics, and leading in a new way.
  • A CEO who wanted to pivot the company’s business model and needed help on business strategy, and reducing personal stress.
  • A CMO unclear on how to use Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and felt chronic stress to lead his team.
  • A CEO who was fundraising and needed guidance on relationship building with investors.

3 Ways to Get Coaching

“Clarity”: 1 hour
In this 1-hour “Clarity” session is a rapid-fire way to get all of your burning professional and/or personal development questions answered. I do my best to deliver actionable advice to you in one go.

“Action”: 2 hours
In this 2-hour “Action” Workshop, we’ll discuss the Top 3 areas professionally and/or personally that you’re struggling with, why, and then create an action plan with detailed steps for you to maneuver through them to thrive. This is a working session, so put on your thinking cap and get ready to roll up your sleeves.

“Transformation”: 3 months
When you want to realize a transformation from your current state to your optimal state, it takes hard work, focus, determination, grit, guidance, and support. I’ll provide all of this and more for you in this 3-month “Transformation” Coaching program and we’ll work together to see you thrive.

The Value to You

  • Learn the necessary core skills to maneuver through challenges across work-health-life.
  • Create a deeper sense of meaning and purpose across your work-health-and-life.
  • Become empowered to know the direction you want to go and lead your life in the direction you want.
  • Gain a personalized toolset to manage worry, anxiety, and stress that holds you back from being your best self.
  • Get tools to discover your power and how to lean into to thrive across work-health-life.
  • Create your personalized playbook to learn, grow, and stay focused on your development.
  • Release limiting beliefs that hold you back from growing as an individual and leading teams.
  • Learn to upskill yourself as a Healthy Leader with the skills and inspire and energize your teams.