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Impact Through Stories

“Sharing my story freed me from of years of burden.”

Speaking Subjects

Health & Wellness

  • Whole-body Health and  Nutrition
  • Employee and Workplace Well-being
  • Food Allergies / Dietary Restrictions / Chronic Conditions

Leadership Development

  • Healthy Leadership
  • The Future of Work
  • Inner/Core skills development

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Belonging

  • Building Inclusive Cultures
  • Leadership and Accountability
  • Health and Wellness in BIPOC Communities

Women’s Subjects

  • C-Suite Women Leaders
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Women in STEM / STEAM

Popular Talks

How I Overcame 32+ Food Allergies to Thrive(TM).

At age 3, I was diagnosed with severe food allergies, asthma, and environmental allergies. For decades, I barely survived: 18+ times in the ER in emergent situations, and 100s of times in the hospital all because of food. In 2008, I hit rock bottom when I found myself in the ER almost dead due to a 4th anaphylaxis incident. That incident drove me to change everything in my life, moving forward with intention and purpose. A decade later, I found myself in remission from ALL of my 32+ severe food allergies. This powerful talk is about how I redesigned my health and life to thrive.

Designing a Well-being Playbook to Thrive(TM).

In business or sports, Leaders utilize Playbooks to craft vision, strategies, and execution steps that take a business from current state to an optimal state. In this talk, I discuss a new concept of a “Well-being Playbook” that people can use to improve their health. I’ll take you through the steps to craft a vision, strategy, and set of execution steps that improve help you thrive across all aspects of work-health-and-life. 

Creating Work-Health-Life Harmony to Thrive(TM).

People today are struggling with drastic market changes, return to work, and the rise of new tech such as AI – leading to overwhelming demands professionally and personally that affect health and well-being. There’s no more compartmentalizing areas of our lives, rather we have to find ways to weave together all aspects to produce a greater sense of well-being and satisfaction than might be achieved through work or non-work time alone. In this impactful session, I redesign the notion of work-life balance into work-health-life harmony and shares the key skills to learn to achieve harmony that allows you to be your best, perform your best, and thrive.

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