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Scaling Your Marketing

I provide you with two decades of marketing expertise that will propel your business forward in the ways you want and need.

As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, I specialize in helping impact-driven brands and CEOs scale people, products, and profits with strategic systems.

I believe the key to scaling amidst the cataclysmic changes in today’s Marketing landscape lies in:

  • Humanizing your marketing.
  • Understanding how to use AI.
  • Learning resilience and adaptability to stay relevant.
  • Leading healthily and by example to retain top talent.
  • Finding the root cause of issues that limit customer growth.
  • Testing, Tracking, and Tweaking marketing systems to scale.

Marketing today must be an iterative cycle, where you deeply understand your customer’s problems, wants, needs, and desires and then offer strategic solutions that meet them where they are

Scaling your business is a journey; It’s not just to navigate change, but thriving in it – ensuring sustained growth and prosperity for not only your organization but for every person who interacts with it.

“In Marketing, adaptability harmonizes with innovation, while humanized strategies dance with AI precision”

My Areas of Expertise

As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, I specialize in guiding impact-driven brands and CEOs to scale people, products, and profits with strategic systems.

When you have all of these areas functioning in harmony, scalability is achievable at a much faster rate.

My background spans both DTC and B2B, and I primarily work with companies at a Series B+ stage or later.

Experience: In my 20 years of experience, I’ve owned all areas of marketing including Brand and Creative, Digital Marketing, Product Marketing, PR & Communications, Internal Communications, and Events & Experiential.

Background: I bring clients a unique background of Technical (engineering, product management), Business (marketing, partnerships, and strong Core skills (EQ, communication relationship building, listening, trust, empathy) that span across the product lifecycle and are paramount to healthy leadership.

Expertise: My deep expertise spans across Health and Wellness: (Digital Health, Health Tech, Food and Ag Tech, Climate Tech) and Digital Media Tech.

A few ways that I’ve helped my clients are:

  • A non-profit in health & wellness needed a brand and marketing strategy for their new venture.
  • A health tech company needed to find a way to compete against larger companies with more resources.
  • A mid-sized health company was thinking about a DTC spinoff, and was not sure how to enter the market.
  • A food company that needed to figure out who their target audience was and how to reach them.
  • An Agriculture Tech company was spun off from its parent brand and needed a re-brand strategy.

Some highlights of the value I’ve driven for my clients are:

  • Generation of $1BN+ in new products and channel production.
  • Increased conversion 400% with humanized digital marketing strategies.
  • Accelerated profitable customer growth by 75% MoM through impactful experiential programs.
  • Led multiple companies from inception through go-to-market, raising over $1/2BN + in venture funding.

How I Can Serve You

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

With a background in Engineer, Product, and 20 years in Marketing, I’ve got the experience and expertise high growth stage companies are looking for. I’ve managed global teams, worked with early-stage startups to global corporations, and have a unique 360-degree marketing approach rooted in deep relationship building, and rapid iterative approaches that achieve optimal outcomes.

Advisor / Board of Advisors

As an Advisor to your business, I provide value-added services such as strategic business, marketing, and financial feedback and feedback on strategic decisions. I give support and guidance to your leadership team and help you network with key decision-makers and industry influencers to scale your business.

Executive Coaching

As both an Executive Coach and Health Coach, I offer a unique blend of strategic business, marketing, and leadership development coaching for Executives and leaders. People come to me for help with business issues, personal and professional development, career development, and inner skills development that greatly affect their ability to lead healthily.

The Value to You

  • Expertise on Demand: I provide fresh ideas, professional expertise, and valuable insights into market trends on demand – enabling effective audience engagement and innovative marketing strategies.
  • Diversify Marketing Channels: I bring expertise across burgeoning technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, varied industries, and facilitate connections with partners uncovering hidden opportunities for business growth.
  • Efficient Management: I oversee and guide your Marketing organization ensuring effective execution on time and budget.
  • Quick Time-to-Value: I’m an experienced leader who quickly assesses your marketing needs and implements effective strategies. This agility leads to faster results and a quicker ROI.
  • Cost Efficient: Working with me as your Fractional CMO is more cost-effective than hiring a CMO in-house, as I partner with your internal team and outsourced agencies for effectiveness.
  • Strategic Focus: With a professional and personal lens on specialization in health and wellness, my focused approach ensures that your marketing efforts align with your overall business objectives.
  • Improve Communication and Efficiency: As an Executive Coach, I guide people of all levels, enhancing internal communications and ensuring efficient coordination between teams.
  • Enhance Hiring Practices: I help you retain top marketing talent with personalized talent retention strategies that align to your company’s values and culture.