Saag Chicken Saag Chicken

I was recently back home in Philly and over at my Aunt’s house for lunch.  As part of our normal chit-chat, drinking tea and some amaze balls lunch she makes for me…I constantly ask for tips on cooking. Because as great of a cook that I am….yes I can say that because it’s true…she is waaaay […]

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An Elevated Path…

Sonia Hunt

It’s been almost 6 years that I launched my Healthy Living & Wellness brand at  I wanted to share a journey of where it’s been and where there is all going…because there is a point and now I’m looking to elevate this experience into new areas. The Past: To recap, I’ve spent a long career in […]

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Working Out.  For many these are two dreaded words; For others they are part of our soul.  Being healthy is not just about the food you put into your body.  You need to move and shake in order to see results.  If you follow the program of ‘calories in and calories out’…well then you’d better get […]

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It's not you. It's me!

My Life Thus Far...

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Eat. Drink. Love. Saag Chicken

Saag Chicken

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Watch and learn.
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EP10: Hapa’nin Ramen

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Just do it.

Firstime Spanakopita!

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