Changing Mindset to Improve Health

For 4 decades, I struggled with chronic health conditions.

Western medicine made me believe suppressing my symptoms was the only option.

Today, I’m in Year 3 of remission from ALL of my over 32 severe food allergies.

No more:

-Harsh side effects.
-Taking 30 pills every day.
-Mental, emotional, and spiritual health struggles.

What changed?

→ My mindset.

After my 4th anaphylaxis incident in 2008, I had a few realizations:

-I could die at any time because of food.
-I needed to know the root cause.
-I was living an unhealthy life.
-There was a detriment to my mental health as a result of my physical health issues.

I changed my mindset from impossible ➔ possible.

1. I figured out the root cause was

2. I found how to start my holistic healing journey

3. I took every single action possible to get healthy

I transformed my health by working on it every day.

It wasn’t easy, and I wanted to quit so many times.

But I wanted a future for myself, one where I was my best self, and thriving.

We are capable of more than we know.

Never forget that 💗